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About Shoreditch Works

Shoreditch Works is located at a key City Fringe intersection that connects four important areas: the City of London, Silicon Roundabout, the Fashion District and Hackney’s creative enterprise zone. The project aims to rejuvenate a core part of Shoreditch by merging commercial, creative, civic and community elements.

By building on Hackney’s history of craftsmanship, diversity and entrepreneurship, Shoreditch Works will be a leading example of creative enterprise and cultural collaboration in London, offering a mixed-use space for innovation, wellness and growth.

The online public consultation, held over December 2023 and January 2024 for Shoreditch Works has now closed. A full scale display version of the consultation materials can be downloaded here [PDF format 100Mb].

The team are currently reviewing the feedback received during the consultation period, and further refining the proposals for the site, ahead of the submission of a planning application to Hackney Council in Spring 2024.  You can find out more about the proposed development on this website. However, if you have any queries, please visit our frequently asked questions or contact our team.

Our Team & Partners

The Shoreditch Works proposals have been developed by a committed and experienced design and planning team, working closely with a range of stakeholders, and some of these are referenced below.

An Exemplar Sustainable Development

Shoreditch Works seeks a harmony between design, sustainability and the human experience, and the pioneering regenerative business hub will be the beating heart of a key part of South Shoreditch. The project will deliver against this vision through fusing three key themes

Masterplan & Illustrative Views

The masterplan for Shoreditch Works includes: New office space for businesses of all sizes │ Affordable workspace │ Restaurants, cafes and retail │ 77 residential units including affordable housing │ Community spaces.

Shoreditch Works: Key Benefits

Shoreditch Works is poised to deliver a transformative impact on Hackney that will help shape the future of the borough’s economic, social and cultural landscape. Linea Properties’ commitment is to deliver on the potential of a regenerative business hub and a development that will have an enduring legacy for the local area and wider communities. A place where the next generation of Hackney’s world class talent can thrive.

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