About Shoreditch Works

Illustrative view of Curtain Road, facing St James Passage

A Once In A Generation Opportunity

Shoreditch Works is located at a key City Fringe intersection that connects four important areas: the City of London, Silicon Roundabout, the Fashion District and Hackney’s creative enterprise zone. The project aims to rejuvenate a key part of Shoreditch by merging commercial, creative, civic and community elements. Through building on Hackney’s history of craftsmanship, diversity and entrepreneurship, Shoreditch Works will be a leading example of creative enterprise and cultural collaboration in London, offering a mixed-use space for innovation, wellness and growth.

Regenerative Business Hub

Shoreditch Works is not just a development. It represents a vision for regenerative business in London. Linea Properties, in collaboration with Green Lab, is adopting an ambitious approach, aiming for a net positive impact on the environment, the economy and wider society. The project will create a dynamic ecosystem for businesses of all sizes, whilst preserving Shoreditch’s rich heritage and delivering responsible and sustainable growth.


Project Timing

Embarking on a visionary long-term project takes careful planning and timing. On-site development is not set to commence for a number of years. As construction approaches, Linea Properties will work with the existing residential and business tenants to manage a smooth transition and offer alternative accommodation wherever possible. Early next year, we will introduce a programme of meanwhile uses on-site. Until 10th January, 2024, we will be gathering feedback via this website, before a planning application is lodged with Hackney Council around spring time.

Shoreditch Works Application Site Boundary
Proposed Ground Floor Uses

The online public consultation for Shoreditch Works has now closed.

If you would like to find out more about the development please visit our frequently asked questions or contact our team.