Shoreditch Works: Key Benefits

Illustrative view of Curtain Road facing south

Shoreditch Works is poised to deliver a transformative impact on Hackney that will help shape the future of the borough’s economic, social and cultural landscape. Linea Properties’ commitment is to deliver on the potential of a regenerative business hub and a development that will have an enduring legacy for the local area and wider communities. A place where the next generation of Hackney’s world class talent can thrive. Some of Shoreditch Works’ key benefits are outlined below.

Public Realm

  • c.37,000 sqft accessible internal ground floor space.
  • c.39,000 sqft external public realm.
  • 5,550 sqft flexible ‘Urban Room’; a programmable event space
  • for the community and local businesses.
  • Five public routes through the site.
  • Greater ground level activation through restaurants, cafés and shops.
  • Permanent And temporary public art exhibits, to include local artists.
  • Curtain Road pavement widening from 2.8m to 5.0m.

Community & Social

  • Support for local educational outreach programmes on and offsite.
  • 7,420 sqft ground floor community-focused space.
  • Indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces for local arts programming.
  • Community charter to facilitate corporate volunteers, connecting to local needs.
  • c.£200m of social value, including the creation of c.715 jobs opportunities on and offsite.
  • 77 residential units (vs. current 39 below GLA standard dwellings), including affordable housing.

Sustainability Features

  • 48% retention of existing structures (by floor area).
  • All existing heritage buildings retained.
  • Average embodied carbon target of 560 kgCO2/m2.
  • c.95,000 sqft of public space and terraces for urban greening
  • Operational carbon reduction 35% reduction over Part L.
  • Targeting highest environmental ratings for BREAAM of Outstanding & NABERS UK of 4.5—5.5 Stars.
  • Green Lab operated incubation research/lab spaces.
  • ‘Green leases’ for occupiers.

Economic Outcomes

  • Revitalisation of a key portion of South Shoreditch.
  • c.404,000 sqft of new high quality flexible office space
  • Workplace accommodation to support c.4,700 jobs.
  • c.27,000 sq ft of affordable/subsidised workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • c.£17m local and regional infrastructure contributions.

The online public consultation for Shoreditch Works has now closed.

If you would like to find out more about the development please visit our frequently asked questions or contact our team.