Frequently Asked Questions

Background to the site   |  The proposals  |   Local benefits  |   Construction  |   Timescales

Background to the site.

Who is bringing forward this project?
The project is being brought forward by Linea Properties Ltd. This is a joint venture partnership between two longstanding landowners in the local area – The Estate Office Shoreditch and HDG Ltd.

Where is the site?
Shoreditch Works is a key strategic site in Hackney’s portion of the City Fringe. The development site forms to majority of the street block bound by Curtain Road, Worship Street and Holywell Row.

What is on the site at the moment?
Being heavily WWII bomb damaged, the site is varied in nature, comprising a collection of Victorian warehouse and terrace buildings, post-War buildings and open space (mostly as car parks and walkways).

What will happen to the existing commercial and residential tenants on the site?
This is a long-term project, and commencement of any building works are some years away.  We will work with all our tenants to help manage any minimise disruption, and where possible will look to re-accommodate.

The proposals.

What is proposed for the site?
The proposals comprise partial demolition to facilitate redevelopment of the site and deliver new and refurbished commercial floorspace, residential dwellings, public realm and community spaces.

What impact will there be on the heritage assets on the site?
All heritage assets on site will be retained and refurbished or extended and repurposed. None will be demolished.

How will the public realm be improved on the site? Currently, there is no accessible public realm on or public permeability across the site. This presents an opportunity to create better connectivity and spaces for public use. The proposed design seeks to create new routes through the site, interspersed with key public courtyards spaces that reflect the character Shoreditch.

How many homes will you deliver? How many of these will be affordable?
The current proposal is for 77 new homes, which will include affordable homes. The proportion of affordable housing is not yet finalised, but we will be targeting the Council’s policy of at least 35%.

Will there be any affordable workspace provided?
It is proposed that there will be varied and flexible spaces, with floorplates and buildings to support startups, SMEs, and larger business. This will also include affordable workspace and different price points. The regeneration will provide attractive, characterful spaces offering a range of public, community, cultural and commercial uses.

How tall is the tallest building proposed?
All buildings are nine storeys or less in height, but the  tallest building, setback from Curtain Road, is 19 storeys.

What green initiatives will the scheme include?
The proposals have prioritised the preservation and retention of existing buildings on-site, and pursuing elevated sustainability benchmarks, including:

  • 48% retention of existing structures.
  • 35% carbon reduction over Part L of Building Regulations.
  • Targetting BREEAM Outstanding and NABERS UK 4.5 – 5.5 Star.
  • Landscaped terraces and rooftops.
  • Reduced solar gain and embodied carbon optimisation.
  • 1,230 bicycle spaces.
Partnering with Green Lab on sustainability initiatives including:
  • Early stage incubation of regenerative businesses
  • Workshop spaces for research and commercial concept development
  • Bio material lab, wet lab, dry labs and digital fabrication facilities
  • Grow spaces for plant, bacterial and mycelium based organisms
  • Education programmes for local schools, colleges and green job development
  • Climate awareness programmes (events, education, projects)

How can the local community and businesses get involved in shaping the scheme moving forward?
We want to explore how the spaces can respond to the community’s needs, with shared and flexible spaces a priority. The Shoreditch Works Cultural Placeshaping strategy will facilitate this, primarily through strategic cultural partnerships with local organisations, charities and social enterprises. The cultural masterplan for the development has identified a series of placemaking projects in which these local community groups and businesses will be invited to co-design, co-create and collaborate in the delivery and further shaping of the scheme moving forwards.

Local benefits.

How will this scheme benefit the local area and Hackney?
Shoreditch Works will create lasting social, economic, and environmental value for Hackney, delivered in partnership with a trusted, long-term partner with a successful legacy of investment in the borough. The site will play a key role in marking a strategic contribution to Hackney’s employment growth in the city fringe. Employment uses will drive local opportunities for Hackney residents, as well as enabling and anchoring sustainable community and cultural uses that create a vibrant place.

How many jobs will be created?
Through the construction and increase in employment opportunities across the whole site, it is anticipated that there will be over 700 new jobs.

Will you make any financial contributions made to improve local infrastructure?
Yes, as part of the application process, Hackney Council will request contributions towards Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and a Section 106 financial agreement to carry out improvements to local infrastructure.

Will there be any apprenticeships for local people?
Yes, it will be required as part of the Section 106 financial agreement to provide apprenticeships for local people. The team are in liaison with Hackney Council to agree the details of this.

What other investments will you make into the local area?
The proposal includes a comprehensive community impact programme, with investment into:

  • Youth Outreach and Skills Development through discussions with local organisations, including Hackney’s New City College, to empower Hackney’s youth and offer sustainable pathways into employment
  • Environmental, Social and Corporate Support with guidance to tenant and local businesses.


How will you mitigate impacts associated with the construction process?
The developer that delivers the proposals will operate as a considerate constructor, ensuring to take all reasonable measures to minimise noise and disruption.

Further details on these matters will be provided in the draft Construction Management Plan, that will be submitted with future applications for the site. The Construction Management Plan (CMP) will focus on managing the on-site elements of the construction process such as health and safety, operating hours, noise / vibration controls and the management of dust, water, sediment and waste, in order to minimise the impact of the construction process.


What are the timescales for the project?
This regeneration is a long-term project, a once in a generation opportunity to create a cohesive, exemplar place. It is anticipated that this work would not be starting for at least 5 years, and would be delivered in a phased approach.

When is the application going to be submitted?
The application will be submitted to Hackney Council in Spring 2024.