An Exemplar Sustainable Development

Illustrative view of The Yard, approaching from Worship Street

Shoreditch Works seeks a harmony between design, sustainability and the human experience, and the pioneering regenerative business hub will be the beating heart of a key part of South Shoreditch. The project will deliver against this vision through fusing our three key themes:


We have prioritised the preservation and retention of existing buildings, adapting and reusing, whilst creating new spaces that meet the needs of modern occupiers.

Shoreditch Works is pursuing elevated sustainability benchmarks, encompassing:

  • 48% retention of existing structures.
  • 35% operation carbon reduction over Part L of Building Regulations.
  • Targeting BREAAM Outstanding and NABERS UK 4.5–5.5 Star (ensuring sustainability performance is measured annually).
  • Landscaped terraces and rooftops to achieve an urban greening factor of 0.3%.
  • Reduced solar gain and embodied carbon optimisation.
  • 1,230 bicycle spaces.


London’s thriving creative and commercial scene owes much to its rich diversity and cultural vibrancy. Linear Properties, in conjunction with ING Media, has developed an approach to placemaking deeply rooted in this ethos. This approach aims to integrate local design, craftsmanship and community enterprise at the core of the project. By collaborating with strategic partners like the Crafts Council’s Young Craft Citizens, Shoreditch Works embraces a model of co-design and co-creation.

Such partnerships not only enliven the area but also, through actively involving local young people, help harness the locality’s unique qualities of diversity, innovation, and creativity. Linear Properties is committed to expanding its network of delivery partners by engaging with other creative, design and youth-focused organisations to help ensure the site becomes a dynamic cultural beacon.


Shoreditch Works is poised to be a transformative development in Hackney and will help address pressing socioeconomic challenges faced by local communities. Through focusing on inclusive growth, skill development and sustainable job creation, Linea Properties is committed to making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of Hackney’s residents. Our comprehensive community impact programme includes workstreams under:

  • Youth Outreach and Skill Development: through discussions with local organisations, including Hackney’s New City College, we will establish programmes aimed at empowering Hackney’s youth, offering sustainable pathways to employment in new and/or burgeoning sectors.
  • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Support: a programme delivered in conjunction with GoodPeople focused on providing essential guidance to tenants and local businesses in these key areas.

Anticipated outcomes of the project include:

  • The creation of over 715 quality, sustainable job opportunities specifically targeting local unemployed residents.
  • Provision of more than 1,500 enriching career experiences for young people.
  • Generating up to £200 million in social value returns.
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